Installation Instructions

Download Full Step-By-Step Guide


NOTE: PLEASE READ ALL STEPS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION.  2-LED Kit recommended for trailers less than 28’ in length.  4-LED Kit recommended for trailers 53’ in length.  MUST BE INSTALLED BY QUALIFIED ELECTRICAL INSTALLER.

Safety Equipment

 Safety Glasses

Tools Needed

Wire Strippers
Impact Driver
Wire Crimpers
Step Ladder
5/16” Socket
¼” Socket

Included in Kit

CargoBrite LED Single End (TYPE 1) 1 2
CargoBrite LED Double End (TYPE 2) 1 2
Bullet Connectors (Male & Female Set) 15 20
Push Button On/Off Switch 1 1
Fuse Holder w/ Fuse 1 1
18 AWG Red & Black Wire 35' 60'
Mounting Brackets for LED 4 8
Solderless Wire Connectors 2 4
Switch Mounting Bracket 1 1
Push On Wire Management Clips 20 30
Screw Wire Management Clips 6 6
Screws for Switch Bracket, Wire Clips 7 7




Simplistic Wiring Schematic

The following schematic is a simplified version of the actual circuit.  Use this as a tool on how the connections need to be made. 

NOTE: Variance from this schematic may result in light failure, blown fuses resulting in damage to exterior marker lights, etc.